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Look in the mirror

What do you see?

A boy who gives his all in church

Or a sinner who sits behinds a computer screen?


Look in the mirror

What do you see?

A girl who claims “God’s all I need”

Or a broken-hearted soul who cries herself to sleep?


Look in the mirror

What do you see?

An inspiring youth leader who preaches of trust

Or a doubtful youngster who’s deprived of peace?

Your Christian life reflects

In the words you speak

But do the actions you take

Completely agree?


Hiding your faith behind a masked wall

Seeking it again every time you fall

Soon you will think that this is okay

And you’ll praise yourself on all the good days

Don’t neglect your Saviour

He’s doing so much for you


You have no idea what might happen

If he didn’t ask angels to guard you too

So don’t take God for granted

You’re privileged beyond words

Now spread the love that saved you

So that others don’t fade with this world


Every single mask

Throw them away

He’ll give you a new heart

With the same face

Look in the Bible

Verse 4 of Isaiah 43

God says “I love you and you’re precious to me “


– God will accept you with all your flaws. He sees through all your masks, so take yourself to him as you are, and watch Him moulding you slowly to become more like Him and less like you. Love and accept yourself.


By Sneha John

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