Excuse me, Who are YOU?

Who do you identify yourself as? Where does your identity belong to? Which culture do you relate to? The answers to these questions can sum up the person you are. Our identity is a reflection of who we are, where we belong to and what we believe in.

Our identity is ‘in Christ’. We have been called to follow the divine culture. Following the divine culture has its own challenges and struggles as we live in a world that restrains us from being subject to the divine laws set out in the Scriptures.  In order to completely associate ourselves with this divine culture, we need to spend time with Jesus, as reflected through the life of Peter.

Peter was sitting in the courtyard when he was accused of being Jesus’ disciple on three occasions, but he denied it all three times. Peter’s identity before receiving his calling was of a fisherman who was impulsive and reckless. But after around three close years with Jesus, Peter had become a changed man. So much so that even his dialect and pronunciations reflected his identity in Christ- “Surely you are one of them; your accent gives you away” (Matt.26:73).

Choose to walk with Christ and your identity will be in Christ. Set your hearts on the heavenly things where Christ is seated than on the perishable earthly materials. Put to death all the acts of darkness and walk in the light, for our identity is in Christ.


Lisa John