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“To raise up a generation who Seek, Serve and Share Jesus more.”

“I Found CHRIST Again”
“KINDLE… changed my life. I know that is probably the most generic statement a person can say about the whole experience, but in my case, I honestly mean it. Prior to attending KINDLE 2015, let alone Christianity, I even questioned the existence of God several times, an atheist in every manner possible. But all that changed after the very first day of attending the KINDLE camp. I found Christ again. God presented himself to me and it’s been a wonderful experience thus far.”
Sam George Mathew
Dublin, Ireland

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Kindle is a place where we can know, grow in and serve Jesus together and learn from each other. We can be a part of a network for the youth to share their life together in their walk with Christ. Kindle Touch 2018 was an empowering and blessed time, this is the chance to experience a true flavour of Kindle community and its activities on a single day. Slightly different from previous years there was time separated for outreach and tarrying sections to know the real touch of His presence.

Here are some of the highlights from this awesome day! 

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